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Bagul Resort (Mulshi)


Bagul Resort (Mulshi)


Wildlife of Mulshi Into the Interiors of the Rooms create modern interiors.

hence blend the interiors with the exterior and nature.The concept inspired from local birds, nature friendly colour schemes we tried to reflect the nature. Mulshi has a wide range of wildlife species therefore considering the same we studied the different characteristics of different birds like colour, texture. Sound in the surrounding and tried to reflect the characteristics of a particular bird in particular room hence giving each room its own identity.

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Ground floor :

Inspired from the bird Kingfisher, which includes blue, white and murky brown.

Design Style : Modern Contemporary

Design integrates existing furniture in an efficient manner.

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First floor :

The Artefacts designed for the project like the Jali work, floor lamps give full justice to the style used.

Inspired from the bird White Rumped Shama, which includes earthy colour tones including brownish and yellow shades.

Design style: Fusion of vernacular and contemporary style.

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