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Solitude Floating Resort (Concept)


Solitude Floating Resort (Concept)


'Solitude' is an attempt of designing a floating sustainable resort at Mulshi lake, Pune, India. The purpose of this resort is to allow the visitors to seclude themselves from the busy, hectic & frustrating city lifestyle and to be in peace around the most serene natural element...water! The form of the central floating structure is inspired from a 'Turtle shell', which protects the life within itself. This particular mother structure holds necessary services and takes care of the surrounding detachable floating cottages.

The structure also houses 'floating huts & underwater restaurants' along with few rooms, gym and a temple of water, a calm and serene space located at the heart of structure to experience the sound of water and the effect of light and shadows. The provision of floating landscape around the structure encourages interaction with lake water. The floating cottages can detach themselves using digitally controlled small engine at the back and can be taken around the lake or can be attached to the floating decks which are anchored to the ground.

The shopping area is inspired from Venice city, where one can take a traditional boat and enter into small cozy water channels.

Solar panels have been provided to every unit and to mother structure which takes care of energy requirements. Along with that extra energy is produced separately on the site with TATA solar farms. The sewage is taken care of on land with sustainable method of root zone treatment plant and waste is used to into compost plant which becomes useful for farming as fertilizer.

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